Stand with Ukraine
Stand with Ukraine
March 4, 2022

We all entered the Life Insurance industry with the understanding that we offer products meant to protect those that we love and care for.

I am sure it is hard for all of to keep seeing the carnage and loss of life in Ukraine.  Right now, 97% of the people fleeing Ukraine are women and children.  All men in the ages of 18 to 60 are prohibited from leaving and instead being asked to fight for their country.

We can do many things to help, one is to financially support the groups that are helping these people fleeing their homeland.  We have provided a brief list below.  Another is to make sure we are protecting those around us.  Covid has taken the lives of almost 1 million Americans in 2 years.  Now as we watch TV, we are awakened by how valuable and fleeting life can be.

GoFundMe Centralized Hub

Ukraine Humanitarian Hub

Save the Children

Voices of Children

International Rescue Commitee

Sunflower of Peace


International Medical Corps

Project Hope

Kyiv Independent

Razom for Ukraine


Doctors without Borders