Wk31 // Who we insure: Mental Health Transitions
Wk31 // Who we insure: Mental Health Transitions
August 1, 2023

Mental Health Transitions is an incredible organization that rethinks treatment for addiction. Mental Health Transitions is the only stand-alone transitional living licensed by the State of California in Orange County. Rather than looking at it as a singular issue MHT views it in a larger web of psychological, relational, and economic needs of the individual.  The transitional process breaks the cycle of addiction by addressing mental health, coping skills, familial relationship therapy, creating a fostering healthy friendships, and re-entering into the workforce in a productive way. 

We are honored to not only work with such innovative pioneers in a space we are sadly hearing too much about in the new but also to be their neighbors.  We see the work they do and are proud to call them our friends.


Summer is for enjoyment not for worry

  • When you are having BBQ’s the last thing you should think of is your liability and fire coverage.
  • When you are going for a road trip you don’t want to be thinking of your belongings and auto coverage.
  • Keep your summer going right by reviewing your coverages, getting you car tuned, keeping open flames away from the house, and investing in security systems and house sitters.


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