Wk33 // Work around the risk averse
Wk33 // Work around the risk averse
August 15, 2023

Insurance companies are infamously picky and risk averse.  Having a restaurant is inherently risky.  Open flames, sharp knives, servers running about, and oftentimes alcohol.  Premiums are often high and answering a question “incorrectly” means they don’t qualify.  Fryers on the premises? DNQ. Serves hard alcohol? DNQ. Live music? DNQ. Open past 10? DNQ. Allows Dancing? DNQ. Have bouncers? DNQ. It’s a minefield, so what’s your neighborhood joint supposed to do?

If you are a simple restaurant, there are a few companies to cover you but as soon as you don’t qualify due to any of those above questions that number sharply diminishes. Usually that leaves coverage to surplus companies that rarely provide gold standard coverage. Thankfully since this is a large market USLI has come in to fill the vacuum.  They cover each one of these DNQ questions and do so well. So well in fact they are the largest insurer of Bars and that market share increases when dancing and bouncers are involved.  So if they have a large market share, why recommend your favorite place to grab a beer to us?  Well USLI isn’t a name brand so theres a chance they may not have them simply because they didn’t know about them but also many bars are such high risk that premium is required up front.  We have premium financing options for our client to space out the payments over a year like you would for your homeowners.  Finally, risk mitigation, we work with Aflac and HR professionals to reduce the risk bars have.  Oftentimes employees will hurt themselves on the job in ways workers comp doesn’t cover or off the job and wait to claim it until they are on the job.  Such claims, even if they never pay out increase the workers comp rate, not to mention, no one wants their employees living that close to their next paycheck that they can’t afford medical care.  Aflac supplemental health benefit costs next to nothing for the employees to get but can provide them with the money they need to cover their medical expenses.  HR professionals can be 3rd party contractors to train employees from safe working conditions to anti-harassment training, as well as aid in hiring and firing. Both these together lessen claims made on your policies and foster a better environment for employees.


Summer is for enjoyment not for worry

  • When you are having BBQ’s the last thing you should think of is your liability and fire coverage.
  • When you are going for a road trip you don’t want to be thinking of your belongings and auto coverage.
  • Keep your summer going right by reviewing your coverages, getting you car tuned, keeping open flames away from the house, and investing in security systems and house sitters.


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