Wk13 //  The Algorithm 🏀
Wk13 // The Algorithm 🏀
March 26, 2024

March Madness is one of the most exciting times in the sports world. Colleges and universities across the country participate in the NCAA Tournament, hoping to take home a coveted national championship. From small schools that few have heard of to the giants of the college basketball universe, 64 teams battle it out to see who will become the next National Champions. 


Even bigger than the student athletes giving it their all on the courts,  millions and millions of fans, students, family members, alumni and average joes are filling out brackets and hoping to win the Grand Prize and pick a perfect bracket. As this has never been done before and you have a FAR FAR better chance of winning the lottery, people dream of being the first. Which brings me to our topic today. Insurance Companies use algorithms and mathematical laws to try to predict the likelihood of their insurance policies being used. They use the same principles to tell us that if you aren’t a college basketball fanatic you have a 1 in 9.2 quadrillion chance of picking a perfect bracket. Even if you are an expert and watch every team play every game your odds increase to a little over a 1 in 120 billion. And if your like me all you just heard was Lloyd Christmas telling his dream girl “Soooo your tellin’ me there’s a chance!”


Chance is a funny thing though isn’t it? We love to root for the underdog and the Cinderella story but leaving it to chance isn’t the best way to plan for things. The chances are good you will need insurance at some point in your life. Whether it’s your business, personal vehicle, life insurance, auto warranty or any of the other policies you may need in the future, leaving it to chance is a terrible idea. BGA is happy to help take as much Chance out of your life by giving you the knowledge and help you need to make sure that no matter what life throws at you, you are covered!