Wk17 // Nationwide LTC Solutions & Industry Leadership
Wk17 // Nationwide LTC Solutions & Industry Leadership
April 23, 2024

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Coffee Talk with BGA Insurance – Episode 11

In this episode, Trent engages in a dynamic conversation with Julie Udovch from Nationwide, focusing on nationwide strategies for long-term care (LTC) coverage. They delve into the concept of indemnity long-term care and discuss how it can be effectively leveraged through life insurance policies to provide comprehensive coverage. The discussion emphasizes the importance of staying informed about LTC regulations, particularly in the face of potential taxes in 14 states. Udovch shares insights into how Nationwide is positioned as an industry leader in LTC coverage, providing viewers with valuable knowledge on leveraging life insurance for long-term care needs. Join Trent and Udovch as they navigate the complexities of LTC planning and explore innovative solutions for securing financial stability in the face of long-term care expenses.


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