Wk18 // KaiZen & Boosting Policy Withdrawals by 60-100%
Wk18 // KaiZen & Boosting Policy Withdrawals by 60-100%
April 30, 2024

Coffee Talk with BGA Insurance – Episode 9

In this episode, Trent talks with Travis Fratini from NIW as they delve into innovative strategies for financial growth. Fratini sheds light on the concept of KaiZen and its application in leveraging Indexed Universal Life (IUL) to achieve remarkable policy withdrawals, boosting returns by an impressive 60-100%. They discuss the importance of providing tools typically reserved for the 1% to a broader audience, aiming to empower the next 10% with financial success. Additionally, they explore methods for de-risking leverage in life insurance, ensuring stability and security in clients’ portfolios. Fratini emphasizes the value of simplifying complex financial tools to facilitate portfolio growth, making wealth-building strategies accessible and effective for all.


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