Webinar: iLife – Life Insurance Lead Generation Program
Webinar: iLife – Life Insurance Lead Generation Program
November 3, 2021

NEW Life Insurance Lead Generation System
– Innovative client-facing online digital store that can be owned by individual agents  Enables agents to create an online presence and market digitally in order to drive prospects to their digital life insurance store, where those prospects can then browse thousands of life insurance options
– Agents can engage their clients in real-time, tracking activity in their store and chatting live through their provided website
– Easily automates much of the illustration and presentation work, leaving the agent free to drive more business
– Agents will be able to engage unlimited prospects that are browsing life insurance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
– Enables agents to work from anywhere and anytime to enjoy a better work-life balance 

Shawn Bragdon
BGA Insurance