Wk36 // Labor Day
Wk36 // Labor Day
September 5, 2023

Since 1894, on the first Monday of September we have celebrated the hard work that Americans have put into this country. Day in and Day out folks have been working their tale’s off in pursuit of the American dream. With that in mind we are going to take a quick look at the Policies that we use to help these hard workers in the event that they are hurt on the job, Workers Compensation Insurance. 

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance, paid by employers, providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who are injured during the course of working for the insured. The employee does not have the right to sue the employer for any tort negligence when an employer purchases coverage. The system is known as the compensation bargain because it protects and limits both parties in terms of legal recourse from injuries.

Ok, so what does that mean for the employee and employer? Well that is a complicated question! For Larger companies these types of policies have specialized agents and attorneys that focus solely on these cases. So let’s talk about the basics and how it could impact business owners of any size. 

California has the most aggressive workers comp laws and policies. While they can be expensive for business owners, they often save businesses from bankruptcy in the event that there is a major claim.

For the employees it’s important to understand that Workers Compensation is based on a system by which no-fault statutory benefits prescribed in state law are provided by an employer to an employee (or the employee’s family) due to a job-related injury (including death) resulting from an accident or occupational disease. Lol did you get all that?  

As for the employer, the true benefit for carrying workers compensation insurance is that the laws strictly prohibit employees from suing their employers for any claims or any negligence if a policy is in force during the claim.

Workers Comp is an essential part of starting and maintaining a good business. It can be a bit tricky and can feel a little invasive in the beginning but that is what it takes to protect your business. Unfortunately, Fraudulent claims are a huge piece of this puzzle as well. Employees looking for a way to collect a check while sitting at home isn’t anything new. Employers aren’t guilt free either! I would happily share examples of both of these with you but that would turn this email into a book. 

The important part of this is when used correctly, because accidents do happen, Workers Compensation is good for every one! Having brokers you can trust that understand the ins and outs of these policies will make your life much easier and we are happy to help! 

Enjoy your Labor Day with your family and pat yourself on the back because this holiday is for you!


Summer is for enjoyment not for worry

  • When you are having BBQ’s the last thing you should think of is your liability and fire coverage.
  • When you are going for a road trip you don’t want to be thinking of your belongings and auto coverage.
  • Keep your summer going right by reviewing your coverages, getting you car tuned, keeping open flames away from the house, and investing in security systems and house sitters.


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